Your ideal hangover remedy

Make the first day of 2022 a chill one with Sezono

So you’ve gone pretty hard for New Year’s Eve. What better than a healthy pick-me-up to see you through the first day of the new year? For this week’s culinary segment, we’ve got a delightful recipe for a vitamin-packed juice that will actually make you feel pretty good about yourselves.

This hangover remedy comes courtesy of Ai Loan Dupuis and Hakim El Bour, the founders of Sezono, a Parisian establishment who’d already offered up their recipe for an oyster-mushroom kebab in a previous edition of this blog. This deli-market-restaurant (whose name means season in Esperanto), veg-based cooking is the name of the game and almost all products are organic and sourced locally. But not only do they serve up delicious food (shout-out, right now, to the beetroot accras and vegetarian pâté en croute), they also have an epic range of natural wines and cocktails that make your dining experience that little bit better.

To perk yourselves up a bit this January 1, Sezono has suggested making this lightly aniseedy, sugary, yet incredibly fresh-tasting drink. Among its various health benefits? The fennel will apparently help cleanse your body of toxins, reduce hypertension (and thus reduce the risk of cardiac arrest), improve your vision, repair your subcutaneous tissue, keep your hair looking fine and healthy, and – last but not least – make you less likely to fart, too. And the carrot, meanwhile, will help cleanse your kidneys and support the functioning of the liver, all while improving sight and cerebral health.

Just what we need today, basically. Here’s how to make it.

Ingredients for two 300ml glasses

-Three large apples
-Two small carrots
-Half a fennel
-A few ice cubes

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