Spicy chicken minestrone

Comfort food that slips down (and does you good)

Because you can never get too much of a good thing when it comes to food, we’re sharing another recipe from the cookbook ‘Cuites: 60 recettes faciles pour lendemains difficiles’. And we’re delighted to say it’s come straight from the repertoire of new-gen Parisian chef Charles Compagnon.

For four people


One 1.5kg chicken
One small celeriac
One fennel
Five carrots
One leek
Three onions
One clove of garlic
One shallot
50g ginger
One small bird’s eye chilli
Two star anise
Olive oil
One teaspoon of sea salt
One teaspoon of ground pepper


Peel all the vegetables then chop into small pieces and mix with the ginger. Put the fennel fronds to one side (for decoration later on).

Cover the vegetables in a little olive oil. Place the chicken on the bed of vegetables then add the chilli (deseeded and chopped into small pieces), the star anise, the chopped garlic, the salt and pepper.

Cover the chicken and cook it on a low heat for two hours, checking on it every now and then.

Take out the chicken, let it cool a little, then slice and place back on the bouillon.

Taste the bouillon and season if necessary. When it comes to dressing, make sure to serve with a little of the leftover liquid. Decorate with the fennel fronds.

This recipe appears in the book ‘Cuites: 60 recettes faciles pour lendemains difficiles’, written by Victoire Loup and published by Human Humans.

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