Sélune's scallop carpaccio with beetroot, coriander and buckwheat

A seaside treat from Bérangère Fagart (Sélune)

The end-of-year festivities are approaching and that means we’ll all be finding any excuse for a good feast. With that in mind Midnight Weekly will be sharing several inspirational recipe ideas over the coming weeks, from entrée to dessert, that will be sure to delight your dinner companions. We’ve lined up a solid programme of culinary talents and asked them to come up with some eco-friendly meal ideas for the coming weeks.

This week, to kick off with, we’ve got back in touch with chef who appeared in the newsletter last summer, and this time she’s whisking us off to the seaside. Bérangère Fagart is the founder of the restaurant Sélune in Paris, where she’s become known for her culinary creativity just as much as her luminous personality. She’s also big on sustainable cooking, and so this seafood dish should evidently use only scallops fished ethically.

Ingredients for six people

  • 18 scallops
  • One raw red beetroot
  • One raw yellow beetroot
  • One handful of coriander
  • One organic lemon
  • Olive oil
  • A sarrasin grains
  • Sea salt


Cut the scallops lengthwise and lay them out on a plate. Set aside in a fridge.

Put the red beetroot in a pan of boiling water until cooked. Do the same for the yellow beetroot in another pan.

Skin the red red beetroot once cooked and chilled. Mixed with four tablespoons of olive oil, a few drops of lemon juice, salt and pepper. Sieve the mixture. Follow the same steps for the yellow beetroot.

Clean, destem and dry the coriander. Place the leaves in a blend with a little olive oil and mix.

Toast the sarrasin grains in a frying pan.

Slather the carpaccio in olive oil. Make little dots of all three on each.

Grate a little lemon zest by the side.

Add the sea salt and a grind of pepper. Then a few of the sarrasin grains.

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