A timeless Parisian classic

Oeuf mayonnaise with Banka trout roe and garden herbs

The name of his restaurant alone is enough to make food lovers in Paris – and further afield – tremble with excitement. We’ve asked Bertrand Grébaut, sustainable cookery pioneer and owner of Michelin-star restaurant Septime, to give us the lowdown on a timeless Parisian classic. À table!

Ingredients for four people

Four eggs
A small handful of garden herbs (coriander, dill, chives, perhaps a bit of kale)
120g of Banka trout roe

For the mayo:

One egg yolk
One teaspoon of strong mustard
One teaspoon of cider vinegar
100ml of grapeseed oil
20g of drained fromage frais
Sea salt


Place a saucepan of water on a high flame, and when it starts to boil, plunge the eggs in for just five or six minutes, so they’re still a little runny inside. Pour carefully into a sieve and shell the eggs.

The mayo

Beat the egg yolk and mustard together in a mixing bowl, work in the oil, add in the cheese and season with salt and vinegar. Spoon the mayonnaise into a piping bag.

Plating up

Slice the eggs in half.

Pipe a dollop of mayo on to each egg half. Add a teaspoonful of trout roe on to each dollop, then top with a few herbs and a grind of pepper.

As an accompaniment to this starter, Bertrand Grébaut recommends a Fleur de Savagnin 2018 by Domaine de la Tourelle – a bottle very typical of the Jura region. This natural, sulphite-free savagnin is topped up gradually over the course of 18 months.

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